Once Lost But now Found Home….!

“Let my heart be broken by the things that brake the heart of God”. ( Bob Pierce.)

It is my great joy to write a story that I can’t keep it to myself. I would like to describe a little life which has changed from aches to gold. A month ago I was called by a local politician to visit a community and rescue a 7 year pretty girl Glory (name changed) who lost her father while she was 1 year and mother got remarried with man who drinks very day and beats her and her mother. The neighbor rescued her from her step-father that she may not be in problem again. I was moved by compassion to see the situation of the girl. I took her on my lap and assured her protection and bright future. I came home with heavy heart and seeing the bright future of the girls. After a week with all government paper work i brought Glory Home. She is so happy to be here at our children home now. I have enrolled her in upper kinder garden (U KG). Now she is protected, cared, loved and having life in its fullness.

Bringing lives back one person at a time…..!

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