Once Lost But now Found Home….!

“Let my heart be broken by the things that brake the heart of God”. ( Bob Pierce.)

It is my great joy to write a story that I can’t keep it to myself. I would like to describe a little life which has changed from aches to gold. A month ago I was called by a local politician to visit a community and rescue a 7 year pretty girl Glory (name changed) who lost her father while she was 1 year and mother got remarried with man who drinks very day and beats her and her mother. The neighbor rescued her from her step-father that she may not be in problem again. I was moved by compassion to see the situation of the girl. I took her on my lap and assured her protection and bright future. I came home with heavy heart and seeing the bright future of the girls. After a week with all government paper work i brought Glory Home. She is so happy to be here at our children home now. I have enrolled her in upper kinder garden (U KG). Now she is protected, cared, loved and having life in its fullness.

Bringing lives back one person at a time…..!

Little girl with healing in her heart

When Sandhya was just a young baby, her father passed away. After 5 years, Sandhya’s mother abandoned her daughter to be with another man. This left Sandhya under the sparse care of a brother who spent all of his time working. Sandhya was so little to endure so much pain, but she was brought to our home so that she could find healing and a new story. She is well loved by everyone in the home, and she is going to school now. We are thankful that Sandhya is in a stable and healthy environment where she will grow up to find true meaning of life. What a change happened in her life after she joined the home.

Ajay finds joy after tragic loss of his parents

Ajay has survived in great tragedy and pain. As a young child he grew up in a very poor family. With many mouths to feed with no income. It was a challenging time. Ajay has now watched both of his parents pass away in the same year due to serious health issues. There was no one able to take Ajay into their homes, so a relative connected him to our home. We gladly brought Ajay into our home. He is doing very well now, and is finding joy in his life. He is going to school and has found a loving family and a hope for his future.